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September 18, 2009


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How could there be persistent moral disagreement if there is no coherent concept of morality? That's like saying persistent allgreenandallred (the doctrine that some things are both green all over and red all over) disagreement about which things are allgreenandallred and which things aren't shows there is no coherent concept of allgreenandallred. There can't be allgreenandallred disagreement in the first place because we can't think of what allgreenandallred is like and therefore can't disagree about it. The existence of moral disagreement, if there is such a thing, favors at least one if not more coherent concept(s) of morality to disagree about. Otherwise, the disagreement is about something else or there is no real disagreement (e.g. perhaps just bare reports of subjective states) in the first place.

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